Adding an External Swatch/Color Picker to NuSphere PHPeD

One of the things that are lacking in PHPeD, is a colour picker. How this got overlooked in the RND is beyond me.

Whenever I am required to build a CSS and need to pick colours  I first have to open up some design application to get the proper hex for what I need. Would it not just be easier to integrate a small colour swatch/picker?

Navigate to your PHPeD install directory – “C:Program Files (x86)nuspherephped” and create a folder called “externalApps”. Inside that folder, create a folder for your picker “colorPicker” and copy your application into that folder. Note that you could place the application anywhere, but I prefer to put it in the install folder.

You can use ColorCop, it’s a simple freeware one.

Now open up PHPeD, and on the main toolbar go to “Tools > Settings”, then scroll down and go to “Tools > Integration”.

In the Integration Program screen, select “Add Menu” from the right. You can use anything for the menu name.

From the “Execute with:” dropdown, select Shell, and in the “Command line:” add the path to the executable. Use quotes if you path has spaces in (just for safety).

Define the following options within the dialog.

Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + P (to open the app)
Tick “Show this command in the Tools menu”
Tick “Auto refresh editor”

And that’s it. One more thing I would like to do is integrate it with the editor, so that you can select a colour and it passes that back into the editor (and perhaps the other way around too). I have posted on the PHPeD forum about this, but in the past six months I have not had any reply from them.