Ecksbot Update – 1

I have finally managed to finish up the Ecksbot – It only took me 3 weeks – and it was a sigh of relief when I plugged it in and it worked.

It has been quite a journey assembling the 3d printer, with lots of trips to the hardware store and copious hours spent pulling out my hair trying to figure out what actually goes where.

While the printer is now up and running, it is not yet fully operational. I have discovered a few glitches while playing around in Pronterface¬†where things like the X-axis doesn’t want to reverse and the Z-axis are out of alignment. All small issues which I will hopefully sort out today still.

For now my goal is to get it printing (properly) then I will move onto improving the current printer, tidying up the electronics and cabling, placing the PSU closer to the printer etc…

Completed Ecksbot ZA v4

Control Board Wiring